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Hello everyone, it’s David. Today I will be doing a thorough review of Clout Pay. I have been told by quite a few of you guys to examine and judge the validity of the website and that is exactly what I’ll be doing.

What is Clout Pay?

To begin with , I am going to go in detail of what exactly Clout Pay is. Clout Pay is an influencer network that was founded in 2015 . Clout Pay can be considered a veteran in the sense that they have been in the game a long time running and have been able to acquire over 300,000 active members and counting .

My First reactions

During my several tests to find and prove the legitimacy of the site a few, minor aspects caught my eye. The site provides us short but informative sectionals. I’ve encountered plenty of scam sites that didn’t care enough to even display legible text which is a clue to point out any scam site. “Clout Pay” easily displays the most important of the parts to the money-making process and doesn’t try to confuse us members with any irrelevant text.

What is needed to be able to earn?

The site allows members such as you and I to make real money through social media networks . Primarily , the sites assertion is that for every friend you invite you’ll receive 10 dollars referral . First you must sign up for Clout Pay which is quick and easy . Your next step would be to start earning which is also surprisingly easy. You earn money on Clout Pay by simply referring your friends to join the site and so on and so forth . You can also earn by testing sponsored products.

Enrollment process

The sign up was pretty simple, after completing the necessary steps to creating an account and start earning I was prompted to the dashboard. I kid you not, the amount of elegance that came with the site was a bit mind-blowing. Luckily I didn’t end up with a blank page, instead I was shown my unique referral link. Here is a bonus , once you sign up you automatically receive 25 dollars.

This is How

When I first started I was sluggish and lazy and unwilling to invite my friends to what I thought was a waste of time . But upon reading other reviews of the site I decided to give it all I had because I had nothing to lose . So A week after sign up I shared with anyone I can think of from my mom to my little brother’s best friend . I started earning which ultimately made me want to do more .

Behind the scenes

You might think that simply just inviting people can not be all there is to it . The mechanics behind it all is pretty simple. When you invite people to join the site , It generates traffic and expands ad revenue. Also sharing the site brings awareness to the sponsored products which increases sponsor relations .

Time to get paid ladies and gents

Now for the topic you all are here for , the payment. You want to know how does the payment process work. The payout is swift and straightforward. When you are prepared to get paid you simply request your payment. The payment should be sent instantly when scheduled. Methods include PayPal , Cash App , Bitcoin , and even mailed checks.

My payout journey was the quickest trip. I requested to be paid and within a matter of minutes i received a PayPal Notification telling me I received money.


After reading reviews and blogs of others and their personal journey with the network allowed me to go all in . Along with those reviews are the real-time notifications of incoming transactions or payments from Clout Pay. After watching fellow members receiving actual payments I took upon myself to sign up and earn. Usually I never believe these type of things but when you have a lot of in depth examples it’s hard not to believe it and I am glad that I did . Now I use the network to make extra money on the side and have earned a maximum of 7,500 in a week .

Check it out

Clout Pay has proved itself to not be a scam but instead one hell of a money making site. Per request, I tried the site out myself and made the amount I worked for. I’ll actually be more active on the site to challenge myself to make $10,000 now that I knows it’s achievable. A few may ask again, ” Is Clout Pay a scam?”. I can tell you with CERTAINTY that the site is not a scam. I’ve done extensive research and can vouch fully. You can even see for yourself join Clout Pay, use my link.

Clout Pay


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  • Easy to sign up
  • Diverse methods of earning
  • Variety of task
  • Flexible schedule
  • Site uptime 100%


  • Cashout threshold


  1. Trophox

    There’s no other site out there like cloutpay, this site helped me a lot. It is super easy.

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    wow, I thought it was just a scam but I’ve been making hundreds on clout pay

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    My homeboy tyrone put me on and man this sh*t works!

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    different from all the other sites I have encountered, this is by far the most legit

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    This blog has helped me so much, thank you Mr. Moore

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    Right on the mark! Couldn’t be anymore precise

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    Yes yes, I love it!

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    I just bought my new car using clout pay!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT

  9. john slydell is what this site should be called man

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    explains everything down to a T, Thanks David

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    this site has helped me out a lot… thanks for the explanation and a big thanks to clout pay

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    Crazy how much this site has uplifted me financially. Couldn’t ask for better

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    After reading this, I am almost confident I can earn income through clout pay. I’m signing up right now.

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